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Cloud Storage Providers: Choosing the Best Vendor for Your Needs

When selecting a cloud storage company, enterprises need to consider a long list of factors, from cost to availability to configuration. …

Data Storage Security: What Storage Professionals Need to Know

Secure storage systems provide the last line of defense against attackers. But it's necessary to fully understand the storage security …

Enterprise Filesharing Guide

A guide on enterprise fileshare and synchronization services, deployment options and how it differs from backup.

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Getting Prepared

In order to be protect your data storage from a natural or man-made or natural disaster, organizations need to put together a disaster …

Storage Management Software Essentials

Storage management software helps administrators manage and optimize today's complex enterprise data storage environments.

Enterprise Data Storage Compliance Guide

Add regulatory and legal compliance to the storage management challenges faced by today's enterprises. From GDPR to Sarbanes-Oxley, there …

7 Tips for the Enterprise Data Storage Manager

Note to data storage admins: take consistent time to plan and optimize your storage and you’ll improve your storage environment and …

2018 Data Storage Market Overview

In business data storage, data growth spurs development of capacity and performance across all storage media. It also spurs development in …

Taneja Group Research: The Costs of Performance

Cloud Storage Management: Benefits and Challenges

To deal with data growth and keep costs manageable, many enterprises are turning to cloud storage, which greatly increases the importance of …

Managing Cloud Storage Migration

Migrating your data storage to the cloud enables significant business advantage, yet proper management of cloud storage is critical.

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Guide for Businesses

A look at the role a hybrid cloud data storage strategy plays in today's enterprises.

Data Storage: Turning Data into Information

The challenge falls to storage and data architects to preserve essential data by developing an architecture that meets the need for …

8 Cloud Storage Problems: How to Avoid Them

Software-Defined Storage Costs: The Real Costs of SDS

Software defined storage can be a long term cost saver, but businesses must understand the variables and make smart decisions about their …

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software

A look at the role backup and recovery software products play in the modern enterprise along with leading providers.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Hopefully, you'll never need to use your disaster recovery plan. But to properly protect your data storage, your business absolutely needs a …

Software-Defined Storage Design Considerations: 5 Key Tips

Optimal design for software defined storage requires understanding hardware compatibilities and designing for current and future resilience.

What is Software Defined Storage?

Software defined storage combines storage virtualization with advanced storage management capabilities to offer enterprises benefits like …

Software Defined Storage: Pros and Cons

Software defined storage clearly has pros and cons –  it flexibility and possibly lower costs, but its complexity can be a …

Data Storage Protection Trends: Ten Storage Trends to Watch

Growing cloud adoption, the rise of the distributed enterprise and the demand for analytics are all driving data protection to the …

Ten Leading Data Backup Products

Data backup is an area of continual innovation in storage and data protection. These leaders in data backup are defining the storage …

Data Storage Backups vs Snapshots and Replication

Can data storage alternatives such as the cloud, replication and snapshots really replace traditional backup?

7 Reasons Why Data Backup is Here to Stay

What future role will data backup play in the enterprise, where is it irreplaceable?

Improving Storage Security: Fighting Cybercriminals

Merely backing up your data no longer provides an absolute guarantee that you can recover from a cyberattack.

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