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10 Backup Apps to Consider - Page 2

6. CommVault Simpana (now CommVault Data Platform)

CommVault has been making quite some headway of late. 

"CommVault appears to be the fastest growing backup vendor and has OEM deals with Dell, HDS and NetApp," said Simpson.

The company has been getting a lot of mileage by attacking the "legacy" nature of many of the above tools. As they have been around for years, some struggle to deal with modern cloud and virtualized environments (although the latest versions go a long way towards remedying that issue). CommVault campaigns for users to start afresh with its Simpana 9, and it has even included tools built into the software to ease the switch from Symantec or IBM.

7. FalconStor

FalconStor offers a couple of backup options. FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDS) is available either as an appliance, a virtual appliance or a gateway to a SAN. The company's marketing director Mike DiMeglio said it includes automated disaster recovery and business continuity technology, RecoverTrac (rapid recovery of data, files, application server or data centers).

FalconStor VTL (Virtual Tape Library) comes with tape media management, deduplication and WAN optimization.

"FalconStor backup optimization solutions replace or enhance traditional physical tape with disk-based backup to accelerate backup operations, improving backup reliability and simplify tape management," said DiMeglio.

8. Acronis

There are a couple of lesser known vendors that deserve a mention, said Simpson. Acronis Backup & Recovery, he said, now has more than 175,000 customers, excluding consumers. It offers SMB, enterprise and online backup versions.

9. Syncsort

Syncsort, said Simpson, has a very tight OEM relationship with NetApp. This manifests in the form of the NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup (NSB). Syncsort has joined forces with NetApp, Avnet and Arrow to offer what it is calling the industry's first fully integrated data protection solution. NSB is comprised of Syncsort backup management software with NetApp disk storage.

10. Virtual Server Backup

All the big boys are scrambling to adapt their flagship products to perform well in a virtual environment. So it makes sense that they may have a thing or two to learn from others in this sector. Simpson suggests several that are strong in that regard.

"Since the real hot area in backup/recovery is for virtual servers, I would include Veeam Backup & Replication and Quest Software's vRanger and NetVault/Quest," he said.

Drew Robb is a freelance writer specializing in technology and engineering. Currently living in California, he is originally from Scotland, where he received a degree in geology and geography from the University of Strathclyde. He is the author of Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment (CRC Press).

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