How Cloud Virtualization is Used by Fujifilm, TIM, LIQ, Gateway Technical College, Hello Sunday Morning, and Rustomjee: Case Studies

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Cloud virtualization technology is used by companies to provision, share, and scale IT resources for the organization.

Virtualization of cloud-based IT resources is increasing due to the growth of data and the rising need for flexible storage, access, and management.

See below how organizations in different industries are using cloud virtualization to create IT outcomes:

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1. LIQ

LIQ is a customer experience (CX) and customer relationship management (CRM) company. LIQ’s solutions target several audiences. The company’s technology and multichannel format aim to be recognized as the “best alternative” for companies wishing to progress their relationship with customers.

The company was using VMware for cloud computing and virtualization services to create virtual machines (VMs). With VMware, they were able to streamline their cloud processes.

“The process is still ongoing, but we have already achieved surprising results, says Nicholas Ramirez, head of technology and innovation, LIQ.

Industry: Professional services

Cloud virtualization solutions: VMware’s VCenter, Google Cloud


  • Processed biggest document volume in its history
  • 60% savings in overall infrastructure costs
  • 90% run-time reduction for the pricing process
  • 92% reduction in historical storage data
  • 94% decrease in incidents with cloud-hosted apps

2. Rustomjee

Rustomjee has become a large part of India’s real estate market. Their portfolio includes 14 million square feet of completed projects, 12 million square feet of current developments, and 28 million square feet of planned developments.

As the business grew, Rustomjee needed to set up the infrastructure and applications for more real estate development. They decided to move their information over to Google Cloud Platform, which gave the company the ability to “complement every idea [they] had.”

With Google Cloud, virtualization helped Rustomjee continue to grow.

“Running the remote desktop service in Compute Engine and using public images enabled us to operate a leaner, simplified desktop-as-a-service environment,” says V. M. Samir, head of information, Rustomjee.

“We have been able to deploy business function-specific virtual machine instances on the cloud and compartmentalize data to the business functions that need them.”

Industries: Real estate and construction

Cloud virtualization solutions: Google Cloud, Google Compute Engine


  • Reduces spend on compute by 56%
  • Helped cut time on customer invoicing from 13 hours to two hours
  • Helped lowered enterprise resource planning (ERP) system backup time from six hours to six minutes
  • Helped cut time to allocate project resources from eight weeks to 20 minutes

3. TIM

TIM is a leading company in Italy and Brazil in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. They have developed fixed, mobile, cloud, and data center infrastructure, in addition to products and services for entertainment.

TIM partnered with Citrix to explore desktop virtualization, along with Google Cloud to help make improvements in this area.

As they worked with Google Cloud, they also used the company Noovle. TIM was able to have more “flexibility” and a better budget due to the added cloud technology.

The virtualized cloud technology “frees us from the constraints of physical hardware, while providing the operating systems, applications, and information we need, when we need it,” says Mauro Maccagnani, head of digital enterprise solutions, TIM.

Industry: Technology

Cloud virtualization solutions: Google Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Citrix Virtual Desktop, Kubernetes Engine, Anthos


  • Adapted faster to market needs
  • Reduced cost of app management Improved scalability of workloads
  • Migrated 6,600 internal workloads

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4. Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning is a nonprofit in Australia working to help people change their relationship with alcohol. They created an app called Daybreak to help get the word out even more.

There was a large uptick in downloads of the app, up to 52% more than previously. Hello Sunday Morning reached out to AWS for assistance with their cloud virtualization to help handle the app demand more efficiently.

“Some Australians were going through a very challenging transition during this period, and we’re grateful that our early investment in AWS gave us the tools to extend support to more users in their time of need,” says Roger Falconer-Flint, head of marketing, Hello Sunday Morning.

“Had we relied on the disparate workloads across cloud service providers (CSPs) prior to going all-in with AWS, we would not have been able to scale the app reliably to meet this surge.”

Using the tools AWS provided, they were able to keep serving customer demand for the app.

Industry: Nonprofit

Cloud virtualization solutions: AWS KMS, Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL


  • Scaling on demand with no increase in operational costs
  • Integrative management of workloads
  • Private network

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5. Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College is one of the largest members of the Wisconsin Technical College System. Gateway has a nationally recognized, hands-on technical education program.

Gateway wanted to grow their use of technology with a solution that wasn’t labor-intensive. The technology they were using previously was not production-ready. The volume and variety of classes for students was increasing, and they needed better performance and stability.

Gateway began using a technology called V2 Cloud, desktop virtualization software.

“We could not conduct these classes properly without V2,” says Allen J. Pearson, an IT instructor at V2 Cloud.

“I have found V2 to be reliable.”

Industry: Education

Cloud virtualization solution: V2 Cloud


  • IT management became easier
  • Reduced cost of IT resources needed
  • Platform performance became more stable

6. Fujifilm Medical Systems USA

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA is a company that provides imaging equipment, such as digital X-ray, mammography, and ultrasound. Fujifilm was in need of disaster recovery (DR) technology in case something happens to their systems.

To solve this problem, they reached out to VMware for help. Using cloud virtualization, Fujifilm was able to test and protect their medical systems.

“Fujifilm was an early adopter of VMware technologies for health care,” says Jim Morgan, VP of Fujifilm Medical Systems USA.

VMware vSphere and the cloud infrastructure suite “reflect the gold standard for cloud virtualization and will enable Fujifilm to continue to provide outstanding value utilizing cutting-edge technologies,” Morgan says. “VMware’s partnership has been invaluable to our company and ultimately to our customers.”

With VMware vSphere, Fujifilm was able to use cloud virtualization to protect both their servers and customers in the case of an emergency.

Fujifilm also used VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager to test a fail-over across two sites.

Industry: Medical

Cloud virtualization solutions: VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager


  • Tests for fail-over protection were successful
  • Consolidated applications on server
  • Enhanced provisioning for application deployment
  • Improved infrastructure availability

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