EMC Gets ProActive

EMC continued its acquisitive ways on Monday, acquiring ProActivity Software Solutions, a maker of content management software for business process management (BPM).

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The purchase fits with EMC’s broad strategy for managing information with hardware systems and software tailored to shuttle, secure and save data.

ProActivity, of Newton, Mass., writes software that automates and analyzes the steps in a company’s business processes.

The tools create graphic process maps to help business managers keep on top of such tasks as invoice processing, claims processing and loan origination.

Automating and better understanding the business processes will help alleviate the burden of manual process design and requirements definition, which EMC said is so expensive, slow, error-prone as to be a major cause of project failure.

Companies are looking to trigger shorter process cycles at a lower cost. Such an approach can also help meet the requirements of compliance regulations instituted by the federal government and other entities to retain records in their original form.

EMC, along with IBM and vendors like FileNet, Open Text and Interwoven, have been vying to offer customers such products in the content management space.

Lubor Ptacek, director of product marketing for EMC’s content management software, said the ProClarity tools complement the process modeling, execution and integration capabilities from the EMC Documentum BPM suite.

The BPM suite bundles EMC Documentum’s eRoom collaboration software with the content management and process capabilities of the Documentum process engine to help customers automate their business processes.

“We were pretty strong in the process modeling and process execution,” Ptacek said. “What we did not really address was what ProActivity is now bringing to us, which is business process analysis and business activity monitoring.”

ProActivity’s business activity monitoring tools look into the execution and can provide information on the entire set of business processes, as well as drill down and take a closer look into a specific process.

“Not every line of business manager wants to be designing processes, but they all want to see what’s going on and have the capability to drill down to a specific process when needed,” Ptacek said.

ProActivity, along with its research and development staffers in Netanya, Israel, will be integrated into the EMC Software Group.

ProActivty is the latest pick-up in an acquisition strategy EMC CEO Joe Tucci has described as a “string of pearls” — small companies that fill in holes in EMC’s information lifecycle management strategy (ILM) for managing documents from their creation through their disposal.

Earlier this month, EMC bought nLayers for application mapping. In May, EMC acquired network virtualization specialist Kashya for $153 million.

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Clint Boulton
Clint Boulton
Clint Boulton is an Enterprise Storage Forum contributor and a senior writer for CIO.com covering IT leadership, the CIO role, and digital transformation.

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