North American DataCom to Expand Data Services Business


North American DataCom, Inc. (NAD)announced today the Company's plans to expand its Internet and Data Services business to one hundred twenty-nine cities in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

According to NAD, this expansionwill allow virtually anyone in Mississippi, Alabama or Tennessee to have local Internet access and/or Data Services, or at least a choice of service providers, complementing the high-speed Internet access and Data Services network that has already been planned for the under-served areas within the Southeast.

The company said it has an aggressive plan to offer Internet access and Data Services to customers throughout the South over the next 6 months. "As we have stated on several occasions," said Robert R. Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of North American DataCom. "The need for North American DataCom's (NAD) services has not diminished during the past 12 months. We have had to adjust the timing for implementation of these services as the economy and market has changed, and we are now ready to proceed."

The company said the expansion will provide support for NAD's data storage services, broadband connectivity and information technology services.


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