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Five Technologies Improving Storage Performance

Deduplication, compression, object storage, IO-improving software and NVMe could help future storage systems deal with increasing data volumes.

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Why Hard Drives Are Here to Stay (For Now)

New technologies like shingled magnetic recording, heat assisted magnetic recording, helium drives and heated dot magnetic recording will make HDDs cost-effective far into the future.

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VVOLs and VMware

Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) enable a VM to communicate its data management requirements directly to the storage array.

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Old and new technologies will likely co-exist for several years.

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Object Storage vs. POSIX Storage: Something in the Middle, Please

In this corner, object storage. In this corner, POSIX storage. Why can't they meet in the middle?

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Are We Heading for Storage Armageddon?

Will there be enough storage to accommodate big data, analytics, mobility, the cloud and the Internet of Things?

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