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Defining the Future of DR Storage

The rise of cloud computing is changing disaster recovery, but most enterprises will keep some on-site storage.

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Software-Defined Storage Buying Guide

Well-established tech companies and some newcomers are jumping into the software-defined storage business.

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NVMe: The Golden Ticket for Faster Flash Storage?

This technology could help eliminate bottlenecks and make flash, storage and applications faster.

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OpenStack for the Rest of Us

Large enterprises and service providers have been experimenting with OpenStack, and the rest of the storage industry is beginning to take notice.

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EMC: Keeping Core Technologies Fresh, Active and Relevant

Hot storage products like XtremIO 4.0 and VMAX3 were on display at EMC World 2015.

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Top Ten Software Defined Storage Tips, Gotchas and Cautions

Given the hype around Software Defined Storage, it’s important for users to understand the potential problems.

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