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NVMe vs SATA: Compare Storage Technology

NVMe is muscling into SATA's territory. Can both storage technologies coexist? Here's what IT pros need to know.

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GDPR Compliance: What Storage Pros Must Know

 A GDPR compliance guide for CIOs and enterprise storage administrators.

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Open Source Storage: 64 Applications for Data Storage

Create your own NAS or SAN device, set up cloud storage, backup your system and more with these helpful open source tools.

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Converged vs Hyperconverged Storage

Exploring the similarities and differences between converged and hyperconverged storage and how they are shaping the modern data center. We look at the technology, use cases and costs, with an eye toward creating a competitive data center.

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Data Storage, AI, and IO Patterns

AI is a key computational application. It uses massive amounts of data requiring very fast IO - which creates challenges for data storage.

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Guide to Data Governance

Also called IT governance, data governance transforms inefficient and high-risk business processes into increased revenue and lower risk.

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