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9. NexentaStor

The NexentaStor Storage Appliance is an open source take on storage/dedupe that harnesses the ZFS files system. It comes with iSCSI support, unlimited incremental backups or snapshots, replication, block-level mirroring and integrated search.

10. FreeNAS

Another open source candidate is FreeNAS. It is based on the FreeBSD platforms and supports sharing across Windows, Apple and UNIX systems. The latest version FreeNAS 8 includes ZFS, which supports higher storage capacities, deduplication and integrates file systems and volume management into a single piece of software.

11. QUADStor

QUADStor provides storage virtualization, thin provisioning, fast inline deduplication at the disk layer, as well as globally between different systems uses QUADStor. This is backed up by compression. It is available free of charge.

12. Pure Storage

Pure Storage has unveiled an all-flash storage array that the company says is more than 10 times faster and 10 times more space- and power-efficient, at a lower per-gigabyte price, than disk arrays. Its FlashArray FA-300 Series delivers hundreds of thousands of IOPS with less than 1 ms latency, and features inline deduplication and compression. It will be generally available at the end of the year.

13. Nimbus

Nimbus Data Systems has what it calls S-Class Flash Memory with unified storage management and data protection software built in. These new flash modules take advantage of 6 Gbps SAS connectivity and a higher-performance flash management processor. Advanced wear-leveling algorithms maximize flash durability in non-stop mission-critical installations. By upping the number of processor cores from 8 to 12, the company has enabled faster deduplication and other built in data management services. The Nimbus S-Class is available in three capacity models: 2.5 TB, 5.0 TB, and 10.0 TB.

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